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The Influential Factors of Organization Adoption of E-government Cloud

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DOI: 10.25236/fmess.2017.60


Wei Wang, Yiming Liu, Yikai Liang, Ke He

Corresponding Author

Yikai Liang


Cloud computing is the current trend in information application and services, and E-Government is no exception. This paper reports on a case study, which is to explore factors and mechanism of organizations’ adoption decision towards E-Government based cloud computing. The decision towards E-government cloud is influenced by multiple factors as drivers and barriers for its adoption. In this study, an integrated model which is based on the TOE, DOI, TAM, and TTF is applied to gain insights concerning all contextual influences on the adoption attitude of E-Government cloud. The results of the study showed that the perceived benefit and perceived barrier from cloud technology characteristics, organizational and environmental context, which can reflect the adoption decision of E-government cloud. These findings contribute to academic research and practical implications, advancing our understanding of E-government cloud applications.


E-government cloud, IT/IS adoption, Driving factor, Integrated model, Case study.