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The Artistic Features of Li Yu's Poem

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DOI: 10.25236/humal.2017.89


Yan Wang

Corresponding Author

Yan Wang


During the Five Dynasties, there were a few words by the general scholar as "Southern Tang Ci", and Li Yu, one of the Southern Tang Dynasty, was one of the most significant achievements. Li Yu words to their own the most real, sincere feelings and the outside world of the specific scene and kind of a perfect fusion, the integration of the King and things, and with real rustic, natural plain language to express, and thus create a very artistic characteristics and charm of the works, by future generations spread forever. This paper analyzes the artistic characteristics of Li Yu's poems from the four aspects of lyricism, language, emotion change and image combination, taking Li Yu's Ci as the research object and taking Li Yu’s artistic characteristics as the research goal. First of all, Li Yu words in the lyrical aspects of the performance of "straight express, natural unrestrained" and "magnificent hidden resentment, ethereal ho dang" artistic characteristics. Li Yu words emotion sincere, writing rate really to be able to carry out their feelings of the most frank expression. Secondly, Li Yu words in the language has a "real simplicity, straightforward spirit" and "good use of proverbs, metaphor refined" artistic characteristics. Li Yu words with the most close to life and the most authentic language, understand the words of their emotions will be expressed. Again, Li Yu words in their emotional changes, the performance of the pre-words of the beautiful luxury and the late words of the pain of subjugation. In addition, Li Yu words in the image combination, the performance of the pre-word joy and the late words of the sad and desolate.


Li Yu; Word; Artistic Characteristics; Emotion