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Observation of Clinicopathological Characteristics of Neuroma and Diagnostic Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/cmph.2019.018


Lei Xie, Xiaoli Zhou

Corresponding Author

Xiaoli Zhou


To explore the clinicopathological features, immunohistochemistry and differential diagnosis teaching of neurological tumors. The neurological tumors were analyzed by literature reports, and their clinical manifestations, imaging features, pathological changes and immunohistochemical markers were observed and analyzed. The clinical manifestations of the patient are headache and occasional seizures. MRI examination showed a cystic disease with clear margins in the right parietal lobe brain parenchyma. The cystic surface showed tiny protrusions, and the capsule was filled with liquid. The cystic surface tumor cells are arranged in a characteristic pseudo-papillary structure with a blood vessel in the center and a single layer or multiple layers of glial fibrillary acidic protein-positive astrocytes. The boundary between the tumor and the normal brain tissue is clear, there is no capsule, and the tumor cells close to the normal tissue are arranged in a patch, and the core-free region structure of the central neurocytoma is locally localized. Individual mesenchymal ganglion cell differentiated cells were seen in the tumor, and no necrosis and mitotic phase were observed. The patient was followed up for 24 months and no tumor recurrence was observed. The tumor is a newly identified neuronal mixed tumor entity, which is a benign brain tumor with a good prognosis.


Neuroma; Clinicopathology; Immunohistochemistry