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Clinical Application Value of MRI in the Diagnosis of External Injury of the Spine

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DOI: 10.25236/cmph.2019.016


Yonghui Liang

Corresponding Author

Yonghui Liang


To explore the MRI findings of spinal injury and its clinical significance, this article retrospectively analyzed 82 cases of complete spinal injury, summarized the characteristics of MRI, and compared with X-ray and CT. The results show that MRI can comprehensively reflect the degree and pathological changes of spinal cord and spinal cord injury, and evaluate the damage of spinal cord, intervertebral disc, ligament and other soft tissues. It is the best examination method for clinical diagnosis, treatment evaluation and prognosis. In particular, bone contusion that cannot be found by X-ray and CT has important diagnostic significance; however, there are still some limitations on accessory fractures.


Spinal Injury; Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Clinical Application