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Research Progress in Pharmacology of Semen Strychnine

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DOI: 10.25236/cmph.2019.003


Yunfeng Liu, Yaxing Ke, Lihua Chen

Corresponding Author

Lihua Chen


Brucine and strychnine are the main components of semen strychnine, which affects the inflammation, central nervous system and immune system of human body. In addition, semen strychnine also significantly inhibits the early and secondary lesions of adjuvant arthritis in rats. At the same time, it can only affect the cellular immunity while other immune functions are normal. In addition, semen strychnine also influences the respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive system, and owns very good resistances function to cancer. However, the components of semen strychnine are a kind of toxic ingredients, so the toxicity and treatment amount are comparatively close. After actual poisoning, it is very likely to lead to systemic lesions of central nervous system. Even in severe cases, muscles of the whole body may also appear tonic spasm, which will inhibit the myocardium and respiratory muscles to a certain extent, leading to death. Therefore, in actual clinical practice, it is necessary to strictly control the measurement and pay more attention to compatibility and processing, so as to improve the rationality of use.


Semen strychnine; brucine; strychnine; inhibit