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Role of IL-33 in immunoregulation of mesenchymal stem cells

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DOI: 10.25236/cmph.2019.001


Gao Jianhua, Fang Yihu, Wu Jian

Corresponding Author

Gao Jianhua


Objective: To isolate and culture mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from healthy placenta and detect the biological characteristics of MSCs. To study the immunoregulation function of MSCs and explore the role of IL-33 in the immunoregulation of MSCs. Methods: MSCs were isolated from placenta by enzyme digestion method and their surface antigens were detected by flow cytometry. The IL-33 gene fragment was amplified by RT-PCR and linked to pCDH plasmid. MSCs were infected by lentivirus embedded with the enzyme products detected as positive. T cells and B cells were isolated from peripheral blood by Ficoll density gradient centrifugation. MSCs overexpressed by MSCs and IL-33 were co-cultured with T cells and B cells, respectively. According to Transwell's results, the immune regulation function of MSCs and the role of IL-33 in the immune regulation of MSCs were detected. CONCLUSION: MSCs surface antigens CD105, CD73 and CD90 are positive, CD34, CD45, CD14, CD19 and HLA-DR are negative. MSCs have immunosuppressive function and can inhibit the proliferation of T and B cells. IL-33 has a negative regulatory effect on their immune function.


Mesenchymal stem cells;IL-33;immunoregulation;surface antigen