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Research on the Choice Influence Factors of Campus Finance Installment Products Based on TAM&TPB

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DOI: 10.25236/ICFIL.2019.035


Zhang Xinyu

Corresponding Author

Zhang Xinyu


With the rapid growth of the scale of the Internet consumption and financial transactions, the product market of the campus consumption and finance installment presents a colorful situation. From the perspective of university student users, this paper takes the installment products of campus consumer finance as the research object, the technology acceptance model and the plan behavior theory as the basis of model which integrates innovation diffusion theory and consumer innovation theory. The personal innovativeness (PI), the perceived usefulness (PU), perceived ease of use (PE), compatibility (CP), subjective norm (SN) and , observability (OS), perceived risk (PR) are as independent variables, the consumer behavior (CA) is as the intermediary variable, and the behavior intention (BI) is as the dependent variable. The theoretical model and research hypothesis of this paper were built up accordingly. Through the empirical research concluded, the CA, PI, PU, CP, SN, OS and BI have significant positive effect and they are the main influential factors of students to select campus installment products, and PU, PI, CP, SN, OS and PR all directly affect BI or by influencing the CA to affect BI. Finally, according to the present situation of the current campus installment consumption platform, this paper puts forward some related management suggestions for the healthy development of the finance industry.


Installment Products;Influence Factors;Stepwise Linear Regression; Path Analysis