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Analysis on Similarities and Differences of Demand for Consumer Finance Based on Blood Type Difference under the Internet of Things Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/ICFIL.2019.031


Fengjuan Liu

Corresponding Author

Fengjuan Liu


With the support of the new generation of information technology and the guidance of the consumption demand, consumer finance under the Internet of things environment will combine multiple factors to promote the economic development by innovative activities. The offline questionnaire survey helps the relevant people to find out the demands of consumers with different blood types for consumer finance products. The results of regression analysis between them from the survey data show that it is different for the consumers with different blood type to select the wills and the reasons of consumption credit, the consumer finance products of different companies, the field of credit products, the mode of consumption payment, etc. What’s more, it is obvious that the consumers with Rh blood type are more conservative, while the consumers with other blood groups have different selections in different specific problems. Therefore, the providers of consumer finance products can improve their market shares by designing these products based on the big data of the Internet of things according to the consumers’ blood type in the sales area of the product.


Blood Types; Consumer Finance; The Big Data; The Internet of Things