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Problems and Legal Regulations of Railway Ticket Selling Platforms in China

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DOI: 10.25236/ICFIL.2019.024


Yingjia Wu

Corresponding Author

Yingjia Wu


Today, there are many railway ticket selling platforms on the Internet. Good and bad platforms are intermingled. The obvious problems of ticket brushing and ticket grabbing seriously damage the right of fair trade of ordinary ticket buyers and disturb the normal management order of the state. Some people think that this kind of act is a civil agency behavior, which is reasonable; the opponents believe that it may constitute the crime of reselling tickets or illegal business dealing. According to the principle of necessity of criminal law, it is not appropriate to define the acts of grabbing and brushing tickets as crime in present legislation and judicial interpretation. Relevant departments should control the phenomenon of paid ticket grabbing on the Internet from the perspective of administrative laws, and improve the procedure of linking administrative law enforcement with criminal justice.


Railway ticket selling platform; reselling tickets; illegal business dealing