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Research on Standardization of Criminal Investigation Interrogation System Based on Empirical Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/ICFIL.2019.017


Liu Shenshi

Corresponding Author

Liu Shenshi


The system of investigation and interrogation is based on the adjustment of investigation and interrogation activities. Since investigative interrogation is only a means to obtain the statement of criminal suspects, the system of investigative interrogation is essentially the product of conflict and balance between process value and result value. Investigative interrogation is a statutory investigative act, an investigative measure dominated by public power in criminal proceedings, and a regular investigative means. Under the condition that our country's current investigation technology is relatively backward, it is still a common reality that investigators rely on confessions, which also reflects that our country's investigation and interrogation system still has many defects and drawbacks. Based on the empirical perspective, this paper makes rational thinking and objective analysis of the current interrogation system in China, and at the same time, draws lessons from the successful practices of the two legal systems, and combines with China's national conditions to propose the establishment of an interrogation system suitable for China's national conditions.


Investigative Interrogation; Criminal Procedure; Interrogation System