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Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of SMEs' Financial Leasing

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DOI: 10.25236/ICFIL.2019.010


Luo Wenbo

Corresponding Author

Luo Wenbo


At present, many small and medium-sized enterprises have difficulties in financing due to their limited size or industry characteristics, which are characterized by financing chaos, financing difficulties, and financing. Financial leasing has a huge role in expanding the financing channels for SMEs in China. Financing leasing is a new type of financing. It has certain differences from traditional leasing methods, traditional instalment financing methods, and bank loans. It is undoubtedly a major tool to solve the financing difficulties of SMEs. The article analyzes the current situation of financing for SMEs, discusses the main advantages of financial leasing, and focuses on the problems faced by SMEs in China using financial leasing, and proposes countermeasures.


Small and medium enterprises; financing; financial leasing