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An investigation into the current situation of urban integration of female migrant workers——A case study of Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province

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DOI: 10.25236/humal.2017.81


Kun Jing, Qifeng Sun, Lingxiao Liang

Corresponding Author

Kun Jing


with the development of the new urbanization, a large number of agricultural surplus labor force into the city, forming an irreversible trend of "migrant workers". Among them, the proportion of female migrant workers increased year by year. This shows that the real and potential problems of female migrant workers will become the focus of social contradictions and public opinion in the future. In order to realise its level of integration into the city, the team selected more than 200 female migrant workers in the manufacturing industry in Yongkang as a social survey. Through the survey found that "education level", "monthly income", "whether there is a labor contract" and "the satisfaction of urban life" is the main factors affecting the urban integration of female migrant workers. Therefore, we recommend that the company take "on-the-job training", suggested that the government through the reform of the household registration system ", to speed up the female migrant workers into the city after 90 life rhythm, help to promote the new town construction.


manufacturing industry; 90 female migrant workers; urban integration; empirical analysis