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Legislative Model of Integrated Coastal Zone Management under the Principle of Land-Sea Coordination

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DOI: 10.25236/ICFIL.2019.006


Tang Xiaofeng

Corresponding Author

Tang Xiaofeng


Coastal zone, as the most active and abundant geographic area on the earth's surface, is also a natural mid-burning area connected with ocean system and land system. It is a geographic area with rich resources, diverse types and superior environment. In recent years, people rely on coastal zone to develop and utilize marine resources, mariculture and marine space utilization. Therefore, this paper analyses the current situation of China's coastal legislation and the existing problems in China's coastal zone comprehensive management legislation, and then puts forward some countermeasures to improve the coastal zone comprehensive management legislation under the principle of land and sea integration. It is of great significance to the legislation of integrated coastal zone management.


Principle of land and Sea coordination; Coastal zone; Integrated management; Legislative model