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Study on the Plate Correlation of Financial Distress Prediction of Chinese Listed Companies

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DOI: 10.25236/fmess.2017.59


Jiayi Hu

Corresponding Author

Jiayi Hu


With the rapid development of China's capital market, listed companies have become an important factor in promoting economic growth, its healthy development is directly related to the healthy and sustainable development of China's national economy. Therefore, the prediction of the financial risk of listed companies is of great practical significance for managers, investors and government regulators.This paper first from the definition of financial distress, selecting the relevant financial indicators from six aspects, to construct the Probit model and Logit model, two models are constructed to study the influence factors of financial distress of listed companies of different plates in China. Finally, the prediction accuracy of Probit model and Logit model are compared.


Financial Distress Prediction, Listed companies on different plates, Probit model, Logit model.