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The Study on Teaching Method of Power Supply Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.212


Zhan Shuguang, Shi Diancai, Liu Xiao, Xu Haihang, Jin Dai, Wang Shuai, Tong Xin, Shi Boyu, Zhang Lei

Corresponding Author

Zhan Shuguang


In order to improve the comprehensive quality of the students, through the rational organization of the teaching content, the new teaching method, the rich classroom teaching mode and the use of a variety of examination methods, the theoretical contact practice, the exploration and practice of the teaching method and the means, and the good teaching effect have been achieved. The teaching practice has proved that the implementation of these teaching reform has played an important role in improving the students' learning effect and innovation ability.


Power supply technology; teaching methods; classroom teaching; practice teaching; curriculum design