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Research on Blockchain-Based Rural Financial Smart Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.070


Zhang Liucheng, Chen Meizhi, and Lei Qinru

Corresponding Author

Zhang Liucheng


With the increasingly expansive total demand of agricultural funding, imbalance between supply and demand of agricultural finance has made peasant households universally restrained by financing, so it is of great priority to perfect rural financial system. The thesis has applied blockchain technology and supply chain financial principle into agricultural production, so as to carry out a study on blockchain-based rural financial smart platform. By adopting distributed ledger, decentralization and asymmetric encryption as core to set up rural financial smart platform, the thesis has confirmed profit affiliating mechanism of all parties together with information digitization to put up with solutions to peasant household financing difficulties. Ultimately, a fairer and more transparent credit system will be built, so as to promote the sustainability of rural supply chain financial service, dedicate into exploring workable programs about releasing difficulties in agricultural finance, and then make contribution of wisdom to build a more beautiful rural area.


Finance; supply chain finance; blockchain technology