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Study on Optimization of monitoring and early warning system for hydropower plant equipment safety implementation based on big data Era

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.069


Wu Xiaodong, Zhang Wenyuan, Fu Jun, Tang Shan, Dai Jianjun, Xu Tao

Corresponding Author

Wu Xiaodong


Combining with the latest progress of information technology and the new industrial revolution process, and fully utilizing the big data and cloud computing technologies widely used by major technology companies, under the background of speeding up the construction of power industry internet, this paper analyses the current situation of data utilization of traditional hydropower stations, and puts forward the application of big data of cloud platform. The scheme of building intelligent hydropower station can greatly improve the data integration and analysis ability of hydropower station, avoid data waste, fully mine information from massive data, study equipment status and trend as far as possible, improve the level of system intelligence and self-diagnosis function, and enhance the efficiency and reliability of equipment operation.


Big data; cloud computing; industrial internet; intelligent Hydropower Station