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The Analysis of Music Elements in Li Bai's Poems

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DOI: 10.25236/humal.2017.69


Xiaona Zhao, Yanshuang Hou, Xinglong Guo

Corresponding Author

Xinglong Guo


From the present research results, most studies on Li Bai's poems are from the angle of literary poetry, and few people pay attention to the music elements and music ideas in his poems. This paper starts from the background of politics, economics, culture and history in Tang Dynasty, focuses on Li Bai's culture belief foundation and his poetry works on music-accompanied dance, attempts to explore the causes, performance and the nature of the music thoughts in Li Bai's poems by combining previous research results. In this way, the author hopes to learn more about music thoughts from Tang Dynasty, enrich the understanding of poets, and broaden the new field of Li Bai's poetry research.


Li Bai's poems, Music elements, Music thoughts.