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Application Research of Real-time Integrated Module and Engineering Measurement System Design for Airborne 3D Laser Scanning

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.060


Lijun Wei

Corresponding Author

Lijun Wei


As a branch of measurement, engineering measurement is the study of the theory, techniques and methods of measuring buildings in measurement, planning, design, construction and operational management. In this paper, the real-time integration technology of airborne 3D laser scanning is deeply studied. The DTM obtained by the airborne 3D laser scanner first includes a surface model of the ground feature and the canopy height. The surface model data is a set of discrete coordinates of the approximate rectangular lattice grid, usually a Gaussian projection in the WGS84 coordinate system, and the data can be used directly as a product. Secondly, through the system, the overall design of the system and the application research of related modules are completed and the framework of the engineering measurement integration system is established, and the positioning and data processing are elaborated and improved. Finally, it is verified by experiments that 3D laser technology will be widely used in the field of surveying and mapping, the work efficiency will be further improved, the equipment will be further miniaturized, the data processing will be more rapid, and the drawing quality will be further improved.


3D laser scanning; Engineering Measurement System; WGS84; Real-time Integrated