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Application of Big Data Technology in Enterprise Human Resource Configuration Strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.059


Zhang Chen

Corresponding Author

Zhang Chen


The traditional human resource management method has been difficult to meet the development needs of today's enterprises. Therefore, in order to solve the problems in the human resources management of enterprises and improve the level of human resources management under the influence of the big data era, it is necessary to change the human resources of enterprises. Management method. This paper expounds the theory and characteristics of big data, analyzes the important impact of big data technology on the human resources management of enterprises, and the problems and current situation in the current human resource management work. The feasibility analysis of the application of big data related technology in the human resource allocation of enterprises is carried out, and corresponding strategies are proposed for related problems. The application of big data technology has important practical significance for fully grasping the current development of the enterprise and improving the performance management of human resources.


Big data technology; Enterprise human resource management; Resource allocation