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Design and Realization of Intelligent Furniture based on Modern High-tech

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.057


Jia Zhenming, He Yisheng

Corresponding Author

Jia Zhenming


With the arrival of intelligent age, human society will develop in the direction of intelligent, modern furniture is also accompanied by intelligent buildings, intelligent home gradually toward intelligent development. This paper discusses the necessity of intelligent furniture. Intelligent furniture is a kind of modern multi-functional furniture, is one of the development trend of modern multi-functional furniture, but also from the development of intelligent building to intelligent home, the ineviTable requirement to realize intelligent home. This paper classifies intelligent furniture products, summarizes the ways and methods of intelligent furniture, and summarizes the basic principles of intelligent furniture product design. On the basis of studying the concept of product family, this paper defines the concept of intelligent furniture product family and constructs the intelligent furniture product family from the perspective of functional analysis, which serves for modular design and mass customization production and lays a foundation for the realization of intelligent furniture system.


Modern furniture; Smart furniture; Intelligent furniture products; Intelligent furniture product family; Intelligent furniture system