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Research on Control Strategy of High Speed and High Precision Motion Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.054


Weili Tan

Corresponding Author

Weili Tan


As a general-purpose technology in the field of manufacturing and assembly, high-speed precision motion control technology is widely used in high-end manufacturing equipment such as chip packaging equipment and high-speed CNC machining centers. In order to further improve the speed and accuracy, a control method based on adaptive feed rate in the position domain is proposed. Where the curvature is large, the contour error is large, and the feed rate affects the performance of the contour accuracy, which in turn affects the quality of the contour control. In order to cut back the contour error when curvature changes greatly, feed rate is adjusted according to the contour error. The control method uses the adaptive feed rate for real-time interpolation. The variable feed rate is more conducive to the control accuracy in steady state and transient state. Adjust and adaptively adjust the feed rate. Through experiments, the performance indicators of the positioning platform (including positioning accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy, maximum sTable speed and maximum acceleration) were measured. The validation results show that the high speed and high precision positioning platform constructed can meet the high-speed and high-precision positioning requirements of mechanical packaging mechanisms proposed by IC packaging equipment and high-speed CNC machining centers.


Platform control; adaptive feed rate; location domain