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Design and Implementation of Campus Recruitment Website Based On N-tiers Architecture

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.053


Meiyu Pang, Li Wang

Corresponding Author

Meiyu Pang


With the development of society and education, more and more college students hope to be able to be independent quickly and reduce family burden as much as possible, so they will look for part-time jobs in school and start to look for their favorite jobs before graduation. However, they all have difficulties in finding jobs.The campus recruitment website designed and implemented based on n-tiers architecture of ASP.NET in this paper can solve this problem, not only provide safe and reliable part-time jobs for college students, but also provide more employment opportunities for college students. Practice has proved that the use of this website has great economic benefits.


ASPNET; Campus Recruitment Website; N-tiers Architecture; SQL Server