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Study of Getting Spectra of Doppler Signals Based on its Audio Signals

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.052


Donghua Luo, Junhui Qiu

Corresponding Author

Donghua Luo


In general, the format of data produced by ultrasound Doppler is not open, and the data can not be obtained directly. As a result, the statistic and analysis to the data are impossible. There are two formats of the ultrasonic Doppler output signals, audio format and spectrum format. In order to get the monitoring data of ultrasound Doppler, especially to get the spectra of Doppler signals, a method of getting spectra of Doppler signals based on its audio signals is proposed in the paper. The audio signals produced by the ultrasound Doppler are filtered by a bandpass filter to get rid of some noises, and Hanning windowed short-time Fourier transform is used to get the spectra of ultrasound Doppler signals. The spectra are displayed in the computer. The simulation results show that using the method introduced in the paper can get clear and accurate spectra of Doppler signals. An open platform of acquiring ultrasound Doppler’s data is established, which is the basis of studying Doppler pathological data and the pathogenesis of some diseases.


Ultrasonic Doppler signal; bandpass filter; Hanning window; short-time Fourier transform;