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The Study on Network Detection Mechanism of Multi-zone Computer Room Simultaneous Transmission

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.046


Qiu Ziliang, Chen Rui, Yan Mengqiu

Corresponding Author

Qiu Ziliang


Based on the actual needs of multi-zone computer room network management, the simultaneous transmission fault and ambient temperature are taken as the main environmental parameters. The upper and lower computer design schemes are combined with the computer, network and single-chip technology to design the network simultaneous transmission faulty automatic protection system for detection. When the environment parameter is abnormal, the server cluster is automatically shut down, and when the environment parameters are restored to normal, the normal service function of the server cluster is automatically restored. At present, the software and hardware design of the system has been completed, and the automatic protection function for detecting the simultaneous transmission of the multi-zone computer room has been realized. Through practical application, good results have been achieved.


Multi-zone computer room network; fault and ambient temperature; recovery server cluster; fault detection