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A Structural Model of Error Factors in Mathematical Problem Solving Based on NVivo Qualitative Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.041


Yanwei Peng, Sanfu Wang

Corresponding Author

Yanwei Peng


Based on the qualitative analysis of 40 documents by NVivo, the main conclusion is that the causes of errors in solving mathematical problems are more complex. Culture, non-intelligence, mathematics learning accomplishment, metacognition, learning strategy and intelligence are at macro level in the cause of mathematics problem solving errors. Students with high efficiency in mathematics should use non-intellectual factors as the source of motivation for learning, with a relatively perfect psychological mechanism as the premise, high-level metacognition as the monitoring system, and effective learning strategies as the learning guarantee, with higher Mathematical learning literacy is the embodiment of the quality of thinking in the learning process. Among them, the status of these six factors is different. Mathematical learning literacy and learning strategies are the two core elements that affect mathematical solutions.


NVivo qualitative analysis; the wrong reasons for solving mathematical problems; structural model