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Omnidirectional speech recognition control car system

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.035


Honghu Xie, Qiong Chen

Corresponding Author

Honghu Xie


This article mainly introduces an all-round intelligent car with voice recognition control based on the MeCanum wheel. Through the mechanical part of the traditional manual remote control car, the all-round movement of the trolley is realized, which greatly increases the flexibility and practical maneuverability of the trolley. At the same time, the speech recognition system is creatively embedded in the control system of the car, and the user can control the movement through the voice. The design uses STM32 as the main control part of the car. The system can be controlled by non-specific vocals. It has two driving schemes: vocal control and physical remote sensing. The LD3320 voice recognition module recognizes the user's voice command, and the car connects to the remote control through the Bluetooth wireless module. After receiving the action command, the car controls the motor at the bottom of the car through the MCU to achieve the corresponding full-scale operation.


MeCanum wheel; full range; STM32; LD3320; speech recognition wireless communication