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The fusion and embodiment analysis of Chinese traditional culture elements in environmental art design

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DOI: 10.25236/humal.2017.66


Xiangkai Wu

Corresponding Author

Xiangkai Wu


Chinese traditional culture has five thousand in the history of country's collective wisdom crystallization; it is the human common spiritual wealth. In today's society of political, economic and cultural exchanges between the increasingly frequent, Chinese traditional culture also attaches great importance to the people at home and abroad, and the comprehensive, application and development in many areas, effectively guide the development of the modern environmental art design. In this paper, on the basis of the reality of China's traditional culture and environmental art design briefly elaborated the related theory, analyses the traditional culture elements in the application of environmental art and promote the role, from positive and negative two aspects of Chinese traditional culture into the environment art design is discussed. On this basis, the trend of future development of environmental art design is discussed.


Environmental art, art design, traditional culture, fusion, embodiment.