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Research on Machine Identification and Feature Extraction Technology for Traffic Congestion in the City

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.028


Haitao Guo, Lunhui Xu

Corresponding Author

Haitao Guo


With the continuous development of urban intelligence, science and technology continue to deepen, car ownership continues to increase, and urban road traffic congestion continues to increase. In order to effectively solve the current traffic congestion problem in the city, it is necessary to analyze the urban working conditions such as traffic congestion in the massive traffic flow information data, traffic, speed, occupancy rate, etc., relying on machine identification technology and parameter feature extraction technology. Exploring and providing important data support for the implementation of traffic management measures and the release of traffic information is of great scientific significance for mitigating traffic congestion in the city and improving traffic management and service quality.


Urban traffic congestion; machine identification; feature extraction; technical research