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Research on Blind Detection Method of Shortwave Communication Electronic Signal Based on Wireless Network

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.027


Wang Ying

Corresponding Author

Wang Ying


The field of wireless network communication is further developed under the deepening of science and technology. The wide application of short-wave communication electronic signals is to promote its accelerated development. However, in the case of short-wave communication electronic signal detection, the traditional covariance test algorithm has many restrictions, and requires multiple cognitive nodes and channel condition information to participate. In this paper, by analyzing the difference of the covariance matrix between the main user signal and the noise signal, this paper proposes a blind detection algorithm based on eigenvectors based on wireless network. In the false alarm probability and threshold of the algorithm, Derive a closed expression. This algorithm does not require any prior information, only requires 2 cognitive nodes, and has strong adaptability in terms of uncertain noise. The simulation results show that the algorithm has better performance than the conventional covariance blind detection algorithm.


Wireless network; short-wave communication; electronic signal; blind detection