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Research on Optimization of Logistics Vehicle Transportation Path Based on Customer Fuzzy Demand Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.022


Wu Xing, Zhang Renchong

Corresponding Author

Wu Xing


The demand market for logistics in China has been increasing year by year with the development of social economy, and the requirements that should be met in the new era background are getting higher and higher. Previously, there were obvious repetitive path problems in the transportation route of logistics vehicles, which seriously affected the transportation efficiency and increased the transportation cost of logistics vehicles. To this end, this paper starts from the perspective of customer fuzzy demand, and applies dynamic programming algorithm and quadratic exponential smoothing method to analyze the logistics vehicle transportation path optimization method in detail, which is expected to promote scanning algorithm and distribution forecast. Further improvement. This paper takes the logistics vehicle transportation of a winery as a reference case, specifically shows the specific application of the above-mentioned algorithm, and shows the result of the final reduction of the delivery mileage.


Customer fuzzy demand perspective; logistics vehicles; transportation path optimization