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Research on Wearable Smart Clothing for Life

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.018


Zhou Zhuguo

Corresponding Author

Zhou Zhuguo


With the improvement of human science and technology, wearable intelligent products have become a hot spot of development because of their unique advantages. Many kinds of wearable intelligent products are constantly bringing forth new ideas. Under this background, it is of great practical significance to study how to combine wearable intelligent products with clothing. In order to further promote the development of life-style wearable smart clothing, based on in-depth analysis of the current situation of life-style wearable smart clothing in the future, this paper points out the specific application mode of wearable smart technology in clothing, and forecasts its development prospects, hoping to provide help for the follow-up design of life-style wearable smart clothing.


Intelligent apparel; Present situation; Technology; Application field