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Database establishment and application based on BIM technology in assembly construction

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.015


Yuguang Guo, Honggang Zhai, Yinfeng Zhang, Shouping Liu, Xinyue Guo

Corresponding Author

Yuguang Guo


Since the new century, people's ecological and environmental awareness awakening, promote the green, low noise and other advantages of the assembly-type building applications. In addition, under the impetus of the wave of scientific and technological innovation, BIM technology has been gradually applied to assembly construction, and achieved good results. At present, however, a high-quality database of assembly construction projects has not yet been established. To this end, on the basis of analyzing the advantages of BIM technology in assembly construction, this paper discusses the establishment and application of assembly construction database, with a view to promoting the construction industry to tell and sustainable development.


BIM technology; Assembly; Construction; Database Building; Application Strategy