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The influence study of Western opera to Chinese opera creation

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DOI: 10.25236/humal.2017.64


Haijing Shi

Corresponding Author

Haijing Shi


Due to differences in environment, culture and other factors, led to the region, the different art forms, between national and ethnic Chinese opera and western opera is the most typical representative. Between Chinese opera and European opera stage art there are many similarities in both, and there is the difference between "qualities". The former represents is an important form of Chinese opera, the latter is represented by the western drama performance of important form. From the point of art generated, it is classical philosophy by relying on each other and deep cultural background differences thus formed their own unique artistic style and performance system. This article tries from their respective forms and cultural backgrounds, through both trajectory, explore the similarities and differences of both, analyzed the influence of western opera to Chinese opera creation.


Western opera, Chinese opera, Opera creation, Impact study.