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Load Balancing Method for Tilting Data Connection on MapReduce Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.008


Cheng Junjing, Cheng Shengyang, Ben Nnegjun

Corresponding Author

Cheng Junjing


The rapid development of Internet platform has accelerated the speed of data growth. There are some difficulties in screening and utilizing massive data. If the inclined data connection calculation is carried out on MapReduce platform, the process of data screening can be effectively increased and the work efficiency can be improved. However, the current research is limited to the theoretical research stage, not from the perspective of empirical analysis. In order to effectively improve this situation, this paper will develop a load balancing method for inclined data connection on MapReduce platform, in order to provide some reference for solving the current problems.


MapReduce; Tilt data; Load balancing; Solutions