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A Preliminary Study on the Present Situation and Future Development of Natural Language Processing

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.007


Liu Junlan

Corresponding Author

Liu Junlan


Natural language processing is an important research direction in the field of artificial intelligence and computer science. Natural language processing is a science that integrates mathematical science, language science and computer science. It contains the research and processing of words, sentences, paragraphs and chapters in the subject of language, so its research involves the language of our daily life, and there is also a very important relationship with linguistics. But there is also a certain difference, because it is not just a study of linguistics. This paper briefly expounds the technology and development history of natural language processing, analyzes the present situation of the development of natural language processing, and probes into the development trend of natural language processing in various fields, so as to promote the development of natural language processing.


Natural Language; Processing; Present Situation Study; Future Development