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Research on Technology Scheme of Railway Video Cloud Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.006


Yu Zhijun

Corresponding Author

Yu Zhijun


With the rapid construction and development of China’s railways, railway operation safety is facing many pressures. The existing video surveillance system based on IP-SAN structure has big bottlenecks in system management, system expansion, disaster recovery backup and resource sharing. It is urgent to build a more perfect and efficient video surveillance system. Based on the video surveillance system reform plan of Xi’an Railway Administration, this paper uses the video cloud platform technology, through theoretical analysis, scheme demonstration and engineering design method, plans and constructs the independent video surveillance system of high-speed railway and ordinary-speed railway, makes full use of existing facilities, and studies the implementation scheme of interface interconnection and distribution transformation with V9 platform and high-speed railway integrated video surveillance platform, which has certain reference value for the video surveillance system transformation of other railway bureaus.


High speed railway; cloud platform; theoretical analysis; video surveillance; regional node