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Research on Internet Technology and Operational Research Based on Interval Fuzzy Number to Realize Online Aided Decision-making System

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.005


Gu Xiao

Corresponding Author

Gu Xiao


In modern decision-making theory and practice, as a common psychological phenomenon and personality trait, indecision often makes decision-making individuals or organizations unable to make decisions in time, and then affects the smooth progress of the whole decision-making process. Based on the Internet technology and operations research of interval fuzzy numbers, this paper deeply discusses how to combine computer network, database, programming and other related technologies with operational research theory. Based on the possibility theory, a new method for ranking interval numbers is proposed. On the basis of consistency of interval number complementary judgment matrices, two new methods of sorting interval number complementary judgment matrices are proposed. Then, from the global consideration, the model with the shortest distance between the local optimal attribute value and the global attribute value of each scheme is established, and the comprehensive attribute value of the scheme is calculated. In this way, the computer-aided decision-making system is developed to provide scientific, convenient and fast auxiliary decision-making services for network users, so as to achieve work efficiency improvement and cost reduction.


Interval Fuzzy Number; Operational Research; Assistant Decision Making