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Research on Scenario and Testing Method of Auto-driving Vehicle Collaborative Testing on Expressway

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.004


Wei Lei, Chunjie Li, Xuan Lv

Corresponding Author

Wei Lei


With the development of intelligent network and automobile industry, self-driving automobile has become the focus of all walks of life. In the face of vehicles with autonomous traffic logic, government departments of various countries are actively introducing relevant policies and regulations to guide and standardize the development of self-driving automobile industry, and regard self-driving and intelligent automobiles as important strategic goals of the country. But at the same time of rapid development, the relevant security issues are prominent. Based on the research on the cooperative conditions of expressway self-driving vehicles, this paper puts forward the construction target of expressway self-driving system.Aiming at the safety problems in the development of auto-driving, based on the similarity between driver and auto-driving system, a systematic and comprehensive auto-driving test method is proposed. At the same time, it also analyzes and designs the scene for the relevant contents that need to be tested urgently in China. Based on the existing conditions of expressways, this paper puts forward corresponding countermeasures to the problems faced by the realization of roadside systems, and discusses and looks forward to the positive impact of cooperative automatic driving of vehicles on the future of expressways in China.


Highway; Autopilot; Collaborative Testing; Testing Method