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Research on Semantic Recognition Technology of Network Public Opinion and Construction of Recognition Process Based on Artificial Intelligence Method

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.001


Yan Zhangling, Li Lin

Corresponding Author

Yan Zhangling


Public opinion analysis is a process of in-depth ideological processing, analysis and discussion of relevant data for social public opinion problems according to specific needs, and obtaining relevant conclusions. The Internet is one of the main carriers of public opinion. In the Internet era, big data and big data analysis skills provide brand-new resources and methods for public opinion analysis and judgment. Understanding the social situation and public opinion through the network and paying close attention to the trend of public opinion will help promote social harmony and stability. There are a lot of network information. How to effectively mine and analyze network public opinion information by using computer network technology, artificial intelligence technology and data mining technology has become a new research hotspot.Thanks to the development of mathematical algorithms and computer science, the machine learning ability in the era of artificial intelligence is increasing. This creates a new opportunity for automation, precision and intelligence in the field of online public opinion analysis. The key point to realize the new requirements lies in the realization of human-computer interaction and two-way coordination in the field of network public opinion analysis, which has important scientific significance for understanding and guiding network public opinion.


Artificial Intelligence; Network Public Opinion; Semantic Recognition; Process Construction