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The Present Situation and Investigation of Cycling in Sichuan Rural Areas-- A Case Study on Haitang Village

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DOI: 10.25236/humal.2017.61


Huhu Lian, Yuanyuan Yu, Chenfu Tian, Xuerou Li, Xingjiang Li

Corresponding Author

Huhu Lian


By using documentary analysis methods, questionnaire methods, field investigation methods, mathematical statistics and logical analysis, the paper did a research on the bicycle sports participants in Haitang village, including their age, gender, education background, income, exercise time bucket, exercise duration, exercise frequency, motivation and the organizational forms of cycling activities, to find out the problems and give improvement suggestions: reason to guide the villagers to accept the "five development ideas"; to develop low-carbon economy and increase the farmer's income level; to improve the rural tourism industry structure and broaden the channel of the coordinated development of the rural and the urban; sufficient conditions, introduce the cycling competitions into the countryside, step up publicity.


Bicycles; Countryside; Rural sports; Characteristic sports projects.