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The Narration of Women from the Aspect of History in May-Lee Chai's Works

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DOI: 10.25236/humal.2017.59


LiLi Guo

Corresponding Author

LiLi Guo


The Girl Form Purple Mountain is one of the magnum opuses of May-Lee Chai, a Chinese-American female author of X generation. It is a biographical novel. One of the salient features of May-Lee Chai's novels is the description of female images and the authentic Chinese history. Its value viewpoint contains the pursuit in truth, kindness and beauty. She has always been faithful to write history. This kind of insistence that shows her own value differentiates on the Chinese images and elemental analysis created in the traditional Chinese-American literature. With the introduction of May-Lee Chai and her important works as the foundation, it can be concluded that the Chinese culture and history is the foothold in her novels. Then, the paper mainly points out that the creation of woman images and the research on conscious structure and value transmission would be more meaningful based on the historical context, historical perspective and historical spirit. Consequently, women, as the protagonist of historical narration, have gradually become an approach to understand history and culture. From the aspect of the integrated writing of women and history, the paper studies May-Lee Chai's novels and relevant literature works and analyzes the unique style of May-Lee Chai's novels, which is of great significance in studying the Chinese-American literature in the 1990s.


Female consciousness; Value transmission; Historical writing.