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Relevant Thinking on Tourism Cultural Derivation and Catalytic Action of Creative Design

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DOI: 10.25236/humal.2017.53


Linman Li

Corresponding Author

Linman Li


The issue about how to define connotations of tourism culture specifically has bothered many domestic and foreign scholars for many years. The main idea of this paper is that certain authenticity and independence must be kept all the time so as to realize effective and rapid development of tourism culture. In view of this, this paper focuses on "people-oriented" basic tourism cultural concept, strives to explore a design concept existing in tourism culture, then conducts exploration and analysis on some relevant contents of anthropology, design science and psychology and finally puts forward specifically that the birth of tourism culture has the fundamental nature of design according to the result of discussion.


Tourism culture, Creative design, Tourism culture, Catalytic action, Authenticity, Thinking, Cultural creativity.