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Study on the Ecology of Environmental Art Design

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DOI: 10.25236/humal.2017.51


Ge Song

Corresponding Author

Ge Song


Eco-Environmental Art Design As a new specialty of science and art for how to arrange objects and spaces on land and land to create a safe, efficient, healthy and comfortable environment for people, while providing comfort, fitness and aesthetics, The goal is no longer a single architectural environment, but a comprehensive cultural and ecological environment system. In view of the existing problems and contradictions in the process of environmental development and environmental ecology, the environment designers need to establish the concept of environmental ecology in the thought. In the environment design of the system, cultivate the aesthetic experience with the ecological environment, Do aesthetics and ecology complement each other. Contemporary and future environmental art design is an eco-sustainable environmental art design, advocating people to use the ecological aesthetic consciousness to use science and technology, to create the natural beauty, spiritual beauty and technical beauty as an environment, so as to promote human and environmental sustainability Development play an active guiding role.


Ecology Cycle, Environmental Art Design, Ecological Base