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A Study on Teacher Feedback on EFL Writing of Non-English Majors

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DOI: 10.25236/fmess.2017.56


Miao Wang

Corresponding Author

Miao Wang


English writing, an important means of communication and a significant skill, must be grasped by the English learners. In China, writing has always been the weakest link in the English teaching. Given this, the paper designs empirical study to probe the effects of four kinds of teacher feedbacks (form feedback, content feedback, form combined content feedback and no feedback) on the Chinese EFL learner’ English writing. Qualitative and quantitative measures are employed. The instruments are pre-test, post-test, experimental student’s questionnaire along with the interview. According to the quantitative and qualitative results, the author finds that most students want to receive feedback from teachers. The favorite teacher feedback is the form combined content feedback. Students with the higher-level incline to pick content feedback, while students with the relative lower level tend to choose form feedback. Content feedback has positive impacts on the content scores, meanwhile, the form feedback made significant improvement on the formal accuracy.


teacher feedback, English writing, Non-English majors.