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Study on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Model with Interdisciplinary Integration under the Concept of STEM Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.209


Yin Long

Corresponding Author

Yin Long


Vigorously promote the innovation and entrepreneurship education, training to adapt to the needs of economic and social development of the innovative talent has risen as a national strategy, but at present, entrepreneurship education innovation in China appears not to follow the rules of education make people worry about the implementation process, too much emphasis on allowing students to engage in invention, open studio, but the lack of learning and accumulation basic scientific knowledge, the innovation and entrepreneurship education from the right track, into the school show, forming a serious bubble. Based on the analysis of the internal consistency and synergy of STEM education idea and innovation and entrepreneurship education, this paper puts forward a new interdisciplinary integration innovation and entrepreneurship education mode under the STEM education concept. This not only strengthens the cognition and understanding of STEM education, but also provides a good way to achieve innovation and entrepreneurship education, so as to ensure its effectiveness.


STEM education; interdisciplinary integration; innovation and entrepreneurship