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College English Teaching Reform Program under the Multimodal Environment in the Era of Big Data Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.205


Wei Zhou

Corresponding Author

Wei Zhou


College English multimodal teaching mode is an important trend in college English teaching reform. The purpose of college English teaching is to cultivate students' English ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing. With the rapid development of society and the continuous innovation of college English teaching concepts and models, the use of multimodal theory to guide the reform of college English teaching has entered people's field of vision. According to the multi-modal classroom teaching experiment of 45 non-English major students in a semester, the multi-modal one-semester of the experimental class is taken from the three aspects of the college English proficiency test, the student PPT presentation report and the questionnaire survey. The state teaching model has been empirically studied. The results show that compared with the traditional teaching mode, the college English multi-modal teaching mode can not only improve students' English self-learning ability and multi-disciplinary reading ability, but also greatly improve students' English language application ability and learning motivation. The use of multimodal theory teaching mode to mobilize students' multiple sensory coordination and cooperation can achieve the purpose of enhancing English learning and improving English ability. This paper will apply the multimodal theory to the specific situation of college English teaching, and carry out the reform analysis of college English teaching from the perspective of multimodal theory.


Multimodal theory; College English; Reform measures; Big data