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Reflections on Public English Teaching in Colleges under the Trend of Socialization of English Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.204


Shuangshuang Yu

Corresponding Author

Shuangshuang Yu


With the development of economic globalization, college English education has received the attention and attention of people all over the world. College public English is an important course for college education. High-quality and efficient English teaching is the foundation of higher education. It is the guarantee for the sustainable development of colleges and universities and an important means to cultivate high-quality talents. The rational thinking about the reform of public English teaching is the perspective of the socialization trend of English education and the change from the cultural exchange globalization situation and the society's overall demand for learning foreign languages. Re-examine and carefully examine how to cultivate English professionals, and the courses and plans for how to achieve this goal, the content of the teaching and the teaching methods adopted by the teachers, it is very clear that the professional language knowledge and skills training in English must be closely integrated with the study of culture, the most important is It is necessary to pay attention to the new ideas of learning itself.


English Education; Socialization; Reflection; Improving Strategy