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Research on the Innovation Mechanism of Art Design Education in the New Period

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.200


Lei Han, Ying Wang

Corresponding Author

Lei Han


At the present stage, China is in a critical historical period to promote the pace of building an innovative country. With the increasing support of the “double-innovation” policy and measures, the education sector is deepening the strategy of collaborative innovation. Innovation is the essential feature of art design. In a sense, design is innovation. With the continuous development of market economy and increasingly fierce competition, the comprehensive quality of artistic design talents has been put forward new requirements. Under the current situation, it is an important mission of art design education in Colleges and universities to comprehensively promote quality education and cultivate high-quality innovative talents. Art design education should pay attention to the inheritance and practical application of history and culture, pay special attention to the cultivation of design consciousness and innovation ability, regard scientific and humanistic knowledge as an important part of art design education, base on contemporary education and design practice, and construct a new era of art design driving innovation mechanism research.


New era; Art design; Innovation mechanism; Innovation education