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The Study of College English Teaching Pattern Innovation Based on the Blended Learning Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/ICRTPE.2019.198


Cao Linjing

Corresponding Author

Cao Linjing


This paper analyzes the new challenges of college English teaching environment, and summarizes the characteristics of blended learning mode in modern distance education under the background of “Internet + education”. By employing four dimensions of teaching resources development, knowledge absorption, evaluation of learning activities, and students’ autonomous learning, summary and reflection after class, this paper focuses on the study of college English teaching pattern innovation. Through combining traditional classroom with web-based learning, this paper studies the characteristics of blended teaching mode, learning methods, teaching process and learning assessment under the background of “Internet +education”, and explores the construction of blended college English teaching mode with support service system in the context of modern distance education, so teachers can provide students with precise curriculum learning guidance by using big data technology methods. The research findings show that through the combination of face-to-face tutoring and online-autonomous learning, modern distance education teaching can organically integrate various resources of college English teaching in open universities to maximum advantages of online learning and face-to-face teaching, which can greatly improve the teaching quality and efficiency. Through implementing the reform of talent cultivation model with more flexibility, it can provide educational teaching support for the construction of learning society, and further strengthen human resources development worldwide.


College English teaching; innovation; blended learning mode